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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration

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Affordable Care Act and HRSA Programs

The Affordable Care Act is Working!16.4 million uninsured people gained health care coverage since the law passed in 2010.The 2015 Open Enrollment Period has ended.  The 2016 Marketplace Open Enrollment period will begin November 1, 2015 and continue through January 31, 2016.

Between the 2015 and 2016 Open Enrollment periods, there are Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) available for some individuals to sign up for coverage in the marketplace. SEPs are permitted for individuals with extenuating circumstances surrounding tax filing, as well as for individuals with qualifying life events.  To learn more about SEPs and find out if you, or someone you know, qualify for a SEP, visit

Women as Health Care Decision-Makers: Implications for Health Care Coverage in the United States

The Marketplace and the Safety Net has what you need to know about the health insurance Marketplace, essential health benefits, private insurance market reforms and essential community providers.

Partnering with Community Health Centers on Outreach and Enrollment Activities (PDF - 100 KB) tells you how you can work with HRSA-supported health centers to educate and consumers.

Rock Enroll kicks off open enrollment at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with the HRSA administrator

Nurses Matter national nursing call features the HHS Secretary, HRSA Administrator and four nurses who outline their successful outreach and education efforts

Provider Toolkit 

Includes resources and materials you can use to learn more about the Marketplace and the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) and to educate patients about health insurance and their options.

Affordable Care Act Basics
Includes: Overview of the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Marketplace; State-specific information; Marketplace enrollment timeline; Consumer assistance information
Target Audience: Providers; Administrators; Staff

Overview of the Health Insurance Marketplace

Quick Guide to the Marketplace

Health Insurance Marketplace: 10 Things Providers Need to Know (PDF - 173 KB)
Fact sheet that outlines key elements about the Health Insurance Marketplace from a provider perspective.

How the Health Care Law Benefits You
Webpage that provides facts and figures on the opportunity that the health care law offers to individuals and small businesses.  It also directs individuals to where they can go to learn more about what is happening around the health care law in their state.

State-Specific Resources

Affordable Care Act State Fact Sheets
Fact sheets that describe how the Affordable Care Act is making a difference for individuals in each state.

Enrollment Timeline

Key Dates for the Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment (PDF - 354 KB)
Fact sheet that provides individuals with information on key dates they should mark on their calendar.

Consumer Assistance

Get Help Applying for Coverage

Resources to Help Consumers Apply and Enroll through the Marketplace (PDF - 503 KB)
Fact sheet that provides an overview of the different types of consumer assistance (i.e., Navigators, non-Navigator assistance personnel, certified application counselors, and agents and brokers) available through the Marketplace.

Patient Handouts and Education
Includes: Eligibility information; Consumer assistance resources; Information directing patients where they can go to enroll and find out more about new coverage options.
Target Audience: Patients

What You Should Know About Seeing Your Doctor (PDF - 133 KB)

Using your Marketplace Coverage

How Health Coverage Affects Your 2014 Federal Income Tax Return

Marketplace Application Checklist

About the Health Insurance Marketplace
Overview of the marketplace and how purchasing insurance works.

Comparing Health Plans
Information on how to choose the most optimum plan depending on individual and family needs

Important Health Insurance Marketplace Dates
Fact sheet for consumers that provides information they should know as they shop for health plans.

Business Operations
Includes: Information about the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP); the health care law; and business operations.
Target Audience: Administrators; Providers

SHOP Overview

Overview of the SHOP Marketplace
Presentation that gives a general overview of the Small Business Health Options program.

How to Choose Health Insurance for your Business
Fact sheet that provides employers with information they should know as they review health plans.

Health Care Changes Wizard
Tool that helps businesses understand what they need to know about insurance options and other health care changes, as well as finding health care related resources.

Billing Capacity

Engaging Safety Net Providers in Expanded Coverage: Tips on Enhancing Billing Capacities (PDF – 375 KB)
Fact sheet that identifies key steps that payers may be able to assist with or that safety net providers can take to prepare for third-party reimbursement.

Building Safety Net Billing Capacity: State Support for a Solid Foundation
Webinar facilitated by the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) that discusses concrete ways that states can facilitate safety net provider participation in Medicaid and QHPs in order to serve newly insured and remaining uninsured populations. Speakers from Maryland and Texas also share examples of their work.

Essential Community Providers

Essential Community Providers: Tips to Connect with Marketplace Plans (PDF – 289 KB)
Fact sheet that provides information on essential community provider designation and network requirements.

Training and Education
Includes:  Sample slides, webinars and other materials that can be shared with health professionals.
Target Audience: Administrators; Providers; Staff

Getting Ready for the Health Insurance Marketplace Toolkit for Behavioral Health Providers
30-minute, interactive presentation that includes fact sheets, brochures and other resources to help providers explain the Affordable Care Act and encourage uninsured individuals to apply for coverage. Also see toolkits for community-based prevention organizations, consumer, family, peer & recovery community organizations, criminal justice organizations, and mental health and substance abuse treatment provider organizations.

Preventive Services for Adults: New and Important Changes in Covered Services
Information about preventative services available to women under the Affordable Care Act. 

Health Care Providers' Role in Screening and Counseling for Interpersonal and Domestic Violence
Information about women’s preventative health services that are covered by the Affordable Care Act, and providers’ role in screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence.  

Talking With Patients About the Affordable Care Act: Coverage to Care
Many individuals now have health coverage, but do they understand what that means? Help them get started. CME/CE credit available

Talking With Patients About the Affordable Care Act: Making the Most of the Marketplace  
Do your patients know what coverage they can purchase through the Marketplace? Help them get started. CME/CE credit available

The Affordable Care Act, Your Patients, and You: Test Your Knowledge 
How much do you know about the Affordable Care Act's provisions? CME/CE credit available

Women's Health and the Affordable Care Act: What's Covered 
Dr. Lee from the Office on Women’s Health discusses the ACA and preventive health care for women. CME/CE credit available

Talking With Patients About the Affordable Care Act: Preventive Services for the Family 
Get some advice about how to talk to your patients about the Affordable Care Act and the comprehensive preventive services now available. CME/CE credit available

Talking with Patients about the Affordable Care Act -- Why Insurance Matters 
Get some advice about how to talk to your patients about the ACA and why health insurance matters. CME/CE credit available

Talking with Patients about the Affordable Care Act: Protecting Access to Care for Serious Illness 
Get some advice about how to talk to your patients about the ACA and coverage for serious illnesses. CME/CE credit available