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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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HRSA Learning Institute


HRSA Learning Institute’s (HLI) mission is to create a culture and climate of knowledge sharing, continuous learning, and professional development by providing services to support HRSA’s skilled workforce.

To accomplish that mission, HLI designs and implements training, and facilitates organizational development solutions to meet the needs of HRSA's workforce.  HRSA Employees continue to advance their professional growth by taking advantage of training and developmental programs provided by the HRSA Learning Institute.



Open Enrollment Training:  HLI provides a full curriculum of in-person and virtual training to HRSA employees.  HLI is pleased to offer courses in many areas including: Communications, Grants Management, Information Technology, Professional Development, and Leadership.

Mentoring:  HLI has recently implemented an Agency-wide mentoring program that provides employees an opportunity to network and learn from others across the Agency.  Participants can choose to participate in a more traditional 1-to-1 mentoring relationship, group mentoring, or in roundtable and networking events. 

Affiliate Trainer Program:  We place a high value on fostering the development of highly skilled employees who are motivated and interested in workforce development, especially training, within the Agency.  HLI’s Affiliate Trainer Program provides employees an opportunity to develop their skills to develop and deliver training.

Mid-Level Leadership Development Program: The mid-level leadership development program is a capacity-building initiative for HRSA employees at the GS-12 and GS-13 levels who have an expressed interest in leadership development and have a desire to become part of a pool of highly skilled and qualified employees who can be called upon to step into leadership roles as needs arise.   Graduates of the program will increase their knowledge and skills in leadership, gain interdepartmental project experience, have exposure to HRSA leaders, and gain an increased understanding of HRSA’s mission, challenges, and opportunities. 

HHS Learning Portal: There are many ways to learn outside of a traditional classroom setting.  In fact, some of the best learning opportunities are free!  HHS’s Learning Portal has more than 3,000 free courses available to HRSA employees anytime.  It also has a feature called Books 24x7, which is a free online library that provides access to over 15,000 books and resources that can be downloaded to your computer, blackberry, kindle, iPhone, or iPad to be viewed from any location.