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2016 Application Program Guidance (PDF - 856 KB)

Application Checklist

Scholarship At-A-Glance Fact sheet (PDF - 147 KB)

Scholarship Programs for Nurses Fact Sheet (PDF- 314 KB)

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Application Checklist

Use the checklist below to prepare and submit your application. Please be advised that on average the application process can take up to 3 weeks.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin the application process early. Applications must be complete by the application deadline and applications that are not complete by the deadline will not be reviewed.

1. Review eligibility and service requirements.

This document is essential to understanding the NURSE Corps Scholarship Program details, including how to apply, the obligation you are incurring, your personal tax liability and how to successfully complete the on-line application. You can apply regardless of how much of the nursing program you have completed--even if you have just one semester left.

2. Determine your eligibility.

  • To be eligible for a scholarship, by the application due date, all NURSE Corps Scholarship Program applicants must be:
  • A U.S. citizen (either U.S. born or naturalized) or U.S. National; and Lawful Permanent Resident
  • Enrolled or accepted as a full time student or in one of the following accredited nursing degree programs:
    • Associate Degree School of Nursing
    • Collegiate School of Nursing
    • Diploma School of Nursing
    • Nursing Bridge Program: (RN to BSN, RN to MSN-NP, Direct Entry MSN-NP)
  • Attend an accredited nursing school or program located in a State or U.S. Territory
  • Start classes in the nursing degree program on or before September 30, 2016 and be enrolled full-time in the Fall Term/Semester

3. Understand the service commitment.

In consideration of the benefits provided by the Scholarship, participants are required to provide a minimum of two-year service obligation (or part time equivalent) at an eligible NURSE Corps site in a federally designated underserved area.

Be sure you have a complete understanding of the obligation you are incurring before accepting the NURSE Corps Scholarship award.  Please refer to the Application and Program Guidance for details.

4. Prepare your application.

  • Start early and have all your supporting documents completed and available! 
    Allow yourself an adequate amount of time to complete the application and try to avoid submitting at the very last moment. Heavy volumes near closing time may slow submission processing.
  • Create an account to begin your online application.
    Create a NURSE Corps Scholarship Application Account. You will then receive an email with a hyperlink to activate your account. If an account exists please use those credentials to login and begin the application. Password help is available via a link on the login page.
  • Discuss the specific goals and requirements of the Letters of Recommendation with those who are submitting information on your behalf.  Be sure to read the Letters of Recommendation section of the 2016 Application and Program Guidance to understand what is required for your academic and non-academic letter(s)*.  An email with the required components will be sent to each of your recommenders. Applicants will not be alerted if a letter has not been submitted, only when it has been uploaded on their behalf via the NURSE Corps Scholarship Application Account. Applicants can resend recommender requests or change recommenders at any time up until the close date.
    * Those who have been out of school for an extended period of time may submit a LOR from a supervisor instead of an academic LOR.
  • Gather your documentation.
    Several documents are required to verify your proof of status, academic standing and recommendation for the program. All multiple page documents MUST be converted into a single document.  If a second page is uploaded it will overwrite the first.  If any document is incomplete, cannot be opened or is illegible, your application could be deemed incomplete or ineligible.  When uploading a document, please make sure the document does not exceed 5MB and is saved as a PDF (preferred) or MS Word document. We also accept the following file types/formats; however, these may delay application review and processing times: rtf, txt, msg, tif, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, xls, xlsx, ppt, and pptx.
    Required documentation:
    • Proof of U.S. citizenship
    • Transcript
    • Resume detailing volunteer and work experience (no more than five pages)
    • Verifications and evaluations from your school
    • Essays
    • Acceptance Report/Verification of Good Standing*
    • Authorization to Release Information*
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Academic Letter of Recommendation
    • Non-Academic Letter of Recommendation
    • Statement Regarding Existing Service Obligation
      *Templates are available through the online NURSE Corps Scholarship Program Application. You will need to print the forms, fill them out, scan and upload.
  • Review all of the application information and uploaded documentation prior to submitting your application.
    If you decide to make any changes to the application or the supporting documentation after an application is submitted, you will need to resubmit your application by the application deadline.