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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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How to Find Opportunities and Submit an Application

Find and Summit image.All HRSA funding opportunities are posted at – the same place you will go to submit your application. As funding opportunities are announced, they are also posted at, where you will also find links to programmatic application technical assistance (help with the content of the application, as opposed to general application technical assistance that is focused on the format and schedule).

Step by Step

Find open funding opportunities at You can search by funding opportunity number (e.g. HRSA-12-123), category, agency or other criteria. If you are looking for a specific opportunity, searching by the funding opportunity number is the fastest way to find it (or go to and follow the link to the opportunity at

Download the Instructions and Application from The package includes everything you need to complete an application, including all the forms. Save the package to your computer and complete it off-line.

Complete the Application, including all required forms, assurances and certifications. When complete, save the application to your computer. Be sure to click the "Check for Errors" button, which will validate your application and activate the "Save and Submit" button. 

Save and Submit only after you have double-checked your application for accuracy, completeness and compliance with the page limit. After you click "Save and Submit," you will enter your usename and password. If you have not registered with, this is as far as you can go. Assuming you are registered with, you can click the "Sign and Submit" button and authenticate and submit your application.

Watch your E-mail. You will receive a series of e-mails from that will help you track your application. You can get the same information by logging into your account at