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Application and Program Guidance (PDF - 374 KB)

Faculty Loan Repayment Fact Sheet (PDF - 241 KB)

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Application & Program Guidance: Changing Jobs

The Faculty Loan Repayment Program (FLRP) Application is currently closed.

Transfer Request

What steps do I need to take if I want to transfer to a different facility prior to completing my service?

The FLRP expects that a participant will fulfill his or her service obligation at the initial FLRP-approved facility; however, the FLRP understand that circumstances may arise resulting in a participant’s need to leave the initial facility and complete service at another approved health professions school. If a participant feels he or she can no longer continue working at the approved academic institution, the participant should contact the FLRP immediately through the BCRS Program Portal, phone (1-800-221-9393), or email ( If the participant leaves his/her approved facility without prior written approval from the FLRP, he/she may be placed in default.

How do I request a transfer to another FLRP-approved academic facility?

If a participant needs to transfer to another site, the participant must notify the FLRP through the BCRS Program Portal before leaving the health professions school. The request should include: (a) the reason for the transfer; (b) a letter/certification from the health professions school where the participant is requesting to transfer to (i.e., the new site) verifying the health professions school is public, private non-profit, or private for profit (i.e. Schools of Nursing and Physician Assistants), and indicating what type of discipline you will be teaching.

Participants will receive an official decision from the FLRP regarding the approval or denial of a transfer request. Leaving the approved facility without prior FLRP approval may lead to a recommendation for default. Failure to request or receive written approval for a transfer will result in the participant being liable for any monetary damages specified in the contract. If a transfer is approved, once the participant has commenced service at the new eligible health professions school, the service end date will be extended to account for any break in service. The new institution must agree to meet the requirements outlined in the “What are the requirements of the FLRP applicant’s employing institution?” section of this guidance.

If a transfer is approved and the participant does not resume service at another eligible health professions school within 60 days after ceasing employment at the initial employing institution, the participant may be recommended for default of his/her FLRP obligation.

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