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Application and Program Guidance (PDF - 374 KB)

Faculty Loan Repayment Fact Sheet (PDF - 241 KB)

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Application & Program Guidance: Service Requirements

The Faculty Loan Repayment Program (FLRP) Application is currently closed.

What are the service requirements?

A FLRP participant must provide full or part time service (as defined by the school) as a faculty member at an eligible health professions school, for a period of two consecutive years beginning on the effective date of the contract. Under the guidelines of FLRP, it is expected that a participant will fulfill his/her service obligation at the employing institution identified in his/her application. Faculty member must primarily consist of teaching (as defined by the employing academic institution).

When does the service obligation begin?

A participant’s FLRP service start date will be the date the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services or his/her designee countersigns the FLRP contract, or the date the participant commences employment at the eligible health professions school, whichever is later.

The applicant’s signature alone on the contract does not constitute a contractual agreement. Employment prior to the Secretary’s countersigning of the FLRP contract does not count toward the fulfillment of the service obligation.

Will I earn a salary during my service obligation?

FLRP participants will receive salary and benefits from the employing health professions school. Employment compensation packages may be negotiated between the participant and his/her employer. The academic institution cannot guarantee a FLRP contract. Therefore, the FLRP loan repayments should not be a part of any salary negotiations between the participant and his/her employer.

May I be absent from my academic facility and receive service credit?

No more than 7 weeks (for example 35 work days) of the applicant’s scheduled work period (9 to 12 months) per service year can be spent away from the facility for vacation, holidays, continuing education, illness, maternity/paternity/adoption, or any other reason. FLRP-approved absences totaling greater than 7 weeks (for example 35 work days) during the scheduled work period of a service year require an extension of the contract end date.

Service Verification

How does the FLRP verify my service?

The FLRP verifies every six months that participants are meeting program requirements and fulfilling their service obligation. The In-Service Verification (ISV) process must be completed by the approved health professions school. By completing the ISV process, the school is certifying the participant’s compliance or non-compliance with the applicable service requirements during the six-month period. The ISV will also record the time spent away from the facility (ex. the total number of days during the six-month period that the participant fell below the minimum service requirements).

Participants who fail to have the employing institution complete the six-month ISV process on time, jeopardize receiving service credit, which may lead to a recommendation for default. Late submissions may also impact eligibility for a future contract.

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